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I have absolutely no regrets about choosing Nikki as my midwife! She was both knowledgeable and intuitive, and made me feel so supported through the entirety of our time together. She always kept me and my husband informed and respected all of the decisions we made. She is a trusted professional, and now a life-long friend!

-  Sasha Devore

Nikki brought such a gentle, reassuring presence to my birth. She create the safe space I needed to birth intuitively - I knew she was right there, carefully watching over me and my baby, present for me the second I needed her. But she was also confident enough to step back and let my body work when it needed to!

It was so nice to have in-home prenatal and postpartum visits - I looked forward to every one! And I always felt welcome to call or text any time I needed anything between appointments. I really trust Nikki’s knowledge and skill as a midwife, and will use her again if we have another baby! 

- Jessica Terry

I originally met Nikki while she was affiliated with a birthing center. She was the midwife that delivered my son. I had a difficult labor but she helped me gather strength to deliver my healthy baby boy. I was very fortunate to have her there. She explained everything to me and always made sure both my son and I were perfectly healthy throughout the labor. I fully recommend her for a home birth. She is very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to handle the situation. Hoping I can use her services for my next pregnancy.

- Emely Moreno-Maravilla

Nikki was alongside me when I gave birth to my first child. Her knowledge, wisdom and reassuring presence are what helped make the experience a much more comfortable and meaningful one. Every time I look back on those photos and moments it's a joy to see her there taking care of us. With my second child I was no longer a candidate for birth outside of a hospital, yet she helped me through that realization and supported my journey. My husband Michael, daughters Sylvie and Lilli and I thank you, Nikki!

- Rebekah Hansell

I met Nikki about 5 years ago. I came in with quite a bit of PTSD from my previous pregnancy and labor. She was there for me every single appointment, every bump in the road, and was always positive with suggestions and ideas to help with whatever I was needing. When the day finally came I was 42 weeks and 3 days and we met her at the birth center. She had a feeling that our little guy may have needed some additional assistance so we went to the hospital together. She was so calm, positive, serene, and managed to help my husband and me stay as calm as possible. Then she immediately switched into doula mode. She helped me work through every single kink during labor and was absolutely amazing as a support person. She helped me work through my epidural fear, helped me feel informed and talked with me about all my options, and she was such an integral part of my sons birth journey. I will absolutely be going to her again if we have another baby. She helped me take a fearful situation and make it into such a peaceful, positive, birth environment. She truly is the best and she is so knowledgeable.

- Ashlee Michelle Murray

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