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A summery of the services that Sunflower Midwifery provides.

All sessions will be custom fit to your birthing journey and your individual needs throughout this process.

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Services Available
Fertility Consults
Prenatal & Postpartum Care 
Well Newborn Care
Home Birth & Water Birth
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Preconception Counseling Visits:

- ​Initial visit includes assessment of current health, awareness of fertility and charting cycles, drawing all relevant lab work, discussion of nutrition/exercise/herbs and supplements, referrals made as necessary

Follow-up visits to review lab results and plan; referrals made if you need them

Prenatal Visits in Your Home

- hour long prenatal visits every 4 weeks until you are 28 weeks pregnant, every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks, and weekly until birth.

- all routine and some special labs are drawn in your home

- referrals are made for needed or desired ultrasounds

- plenty of time to really focus on your and your family's specific needs

- I check your baby's heart beat, growth, position and general well being as well as your vitals and health at every appointment

- informed choice and discussion on all your options every step of the way

-24/7 phone and text support throughout your entire pregnancy and postpartum care, additional special visits scheduled when you need them

Midwife examining expectant mother and s

Labor & Birth

- healthcare and medical services during your labor and birth monitoring you and your baby throughout

- two licensed midwives at every birth

- offering you encouragement and education before birth, connecting you with childbirth education that meets your needs and prepares you for the big moment

- monitoring vitals of mother and baby in the immediate postpartum and educating family members on in home care

- tidying up after the birth, doing the newborn exam, promoting a good start to breastfeeding!

Postpartum & Well Newborn Care

- I provide 3-4 visit (1-2 in the first week after birth) to check on you and your baby, breastfeeding, your and your baby's health and well being.  I can provide additional visits if more breastfeeding support is needed.

- I provide basic newborn medications, Newborn Screens and CCHD screening as desired

- I make referrals as desired for Newborn Hearing Screens, Lactation consultants and pelvic floor physical therapists

- I provide well women care (including pap smears) at the six week postpartum visit 

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